Monday, April 4, 2011

135 dogs need home urgently.......

Hi Everyone, Ms Zareen Patel passed away leaving behind 135 dogs at 15 Stavley Rd, 9 East Street, Camp, Pune. Only 3 volunteers are taking care of them.
are left with no food, water or medication. Urgent donations in food, money, medicines, are needed. The dogs also need to be neutered and re-homed since the property will be taken over soon and these dogs will be thrown out. Please contact ResQ at 9373888500, if you can help in any way.


  1. I am from Pune, I have a issue there is a stray dog which has given birth to few litters underneath my car, can anyone take them away.
    Kindly contact me at urgently.

  2. Hi!!

    I wanted to look for foster families for my 3 month old pup.. I have been fostering her for over a month now but i'm going out of town for a month so looking for foster families.

    Do get in touch if you know of any on