Monday, March 2, 2015

Myskha for Adoption

Meet Myshka

Myshka is an adorable two month old  mixed breed female puppy. 

She is very intelligent, very loving, very playful and energetic. 

She loves to play with other dogs too. 

She already walks on leash. 

She obeys commands of sit, jump, hello etc. 

She has had all her initial vaccinations and has been dewormed. 

The vet feels she is a Rottweiler mix seeing her colouring and coat. But can't be sure. Only those families who are not breed conscious, who will keep her as a family pet in the house may come forward to adopt her. 

Since she is very energetic and playful those families with some open space or garden are preferred. 

Families with dog/dogs is an added advantage. Myshka loves to play with other dogs.

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