Thursday, April 3, 2014

Can you give Smooch an Happy Ending????

So here's another sad story where the owner/primary caregiver passed away and this young dog is being rendered homeless! Since he was the father's dog, the rest of the family is not interested in him and due to the unsettled atmosphere in the house, the dogs (they have a lhasa apso as well) do not get along anymore. He is currently just kept tied to a chair. 

The absolute stress and lack of care has resulted in severe dermatitis which he is already recovering from thanks to Amruta Ubale's and Sveta's intervention. 

But this baby needs a new home... somewhere where he will be loved and taken care of. We tried offering behavioural help but they are just not interested saying they are undergoing a severe financial crisis. We are therefore also looking for fosters who can care for him for a few weeks until he has a good home to go to as he needs to be removed from the current place immediately. 
If you can adopt of help with fostering, please call: Amruta - 9923297379 Sveta - 9820013542 or Devna - 9096661029.
So, his name is Smooch. He's a 2-yr old terrier-cross. His colour would be jet black and he will have a thick coat once he recovers. He's a medium sized dog weighing approximately 20 kilos. His temperament is extremely friendly (please have a look at the video

He's a very well-behaved and happy dog.
Please open your hearts and welcome this sweet little boy.

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