Tuesday, September 28, 2010


A big thank you to Paresh, Ajit, Karyn and Vineet to have come forward a saved lives of these wonderful angels.....

3 gurls and 1 guy get adopted... YAY!!!!!

Guys come forward an adopt a STRAY!!!! 

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man..”

 Bring home these cute companions who will protect you, care for you and love you unconditionally...!!!!

They choose to save a life!!! Will you too ???

These furry friends got their families... many more are waiting.. will you come forward??


  1. I must say that the blog really gives a good message. Instead of complaining about stray dogs, adopt them.These strays make good watch dogs and are more intelligent than pedigree dogs. They survive well in our climate. I see no point in buying factory type products by which I mean breed dogs.Adopt and look after these strays. You help you help yourself in getting a companion par excellence and reduce strays on the roads of your city or town.

  2. Thanks a lot for the encouragement!!! I totally agree with you and hope through this initiative I make more ppl agree with us. Puppy Mills are CRUEL and HEARTBREAKING!!! That must stop!!! Strays are best suited to our climate conditions and have a strong immune system, I PROUDLY own a Stray dog at home and he is better than most of the breed dogs my friends own.I keep hearing them complain about problems with their dogs but with my Bruno( touchwood) i have had no problems. They adjust well the families and if every family adopts a stray then we not only help these needy animals but also reduce the strays in the country as a whole. Thanks a lot for the encouragement, do stayed tuned on the blog to know more about strays and their adoptions.

  3. I am all for adopting stray dogs.If you cant adopt at least feed it and allow it acorner in the colony or road. They become defacto watchmen or watch dogs.

  4. is the word "selfless" archaic .....only found in dictionary ??
    YES ....this is what most people would say :(
    This is what I believed until I became friends with a stray dog named shakira n her little son named dumbo !
    Shakira fans ......please don't take umbrage ( on my knees ) .....hold on ....I am explaining .....
    thats because she wags the tail so vehemently at the sight of Parle-G biscuit ( MRP - Rs 3 ) that the momentum gets imparted to the hips... seems like hip dance :)
    dumbo is dumb ..... simple !
    Shakira was a party animal in her previous birth ......she dozes off whole day here n there and once the sun sets ....oh man ! she looks like as if she is on steroids .........pouncing here n there in frenzy !
    want to learn etiquette ?? contact shakira ....never ever steps inside the house ....all she would do is peep inside the house voraciously from a designated point when desperately hungry .
    want to learn how to give space to friends ?? again contact shakira .....she will be there around you only if you want her ....not gooey kinds .......just shout " aaaa" and she will come running like a soul-mate in a fashion somewhat akin to Bollywood ( imagine some sultry actress running on a sea beach ) .
    Feeling low ?? this time contact dumbo .... one glance would make you retarded .....you would wonder what made you low !
    The moral of the story-if indeed the story has a moral-is that love Dogs !!