Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Male v/s Female pups as Pets

During adoptions many of us come across future owners facing a dilemma of whether to go in for a male or a female dog. Thus, deciding between a male or female pet is often an important decision for future dog owners. A common problem noticed by me is that a lot of people prefer only males and do not opt for females. This happens solely because most of them are not aware of facts or are rather biased about females. Thus, I decided to write down pros and cons of both males and females as pet so that people can open up and come forward to adopt females as well. One important point to consider is that any pet that is kept simply as a pet, and not for breeding purposes, should be spayed or neutered. In addition to population control, spaying and neutering your pets greatly decreases their chances for various types of cancers while improving certain undesirable behaviors such as territorial marking and humping. In the long run, spayed and neutered pets live longer and healthier lives.
It is important to note that while some behaviors are more well-known in one gender or the other, both males and females will exhibit the same behaviors at some point in their lives. However, I choose to tell people about some general ideas that people use as guidelines when choosing between a male and a female.
Female dogs are not as likely to mark their territory, which often makes them easier to house-train. They are also less likely to show dominance through humping people or objects, and tend to be less aggressive than male dogs. Also, remember that female pets that have not been spayed can go into heat every six months. This means messes to clean up around the house and keeping the pet confined so that other males in the neighborhood do not impregnate her. So it is best to spay your female pet as soon as she matures.
Dogs which are spayed do not experience heat cycles. When a female dog comes into heat, she will bleed from her vagina or vulva and will attract large numbers of male dogs. In either case, there is inconvenience and sometimes frustration for the pet owner. Spayed female dogs will not come into heat. Many studies have proved the benefits of spaying your female dog and some of them are:
  •  Spaying a female dog or cat removes the possibility of unwanted litters of puppies or kittens.
  • Spaying a female dog or cat will lead to NO messy heat periods.
  • A spayed female dog or cat cannot experience dystocia or a difficult birth because it cannot become pregnant.
  •  When spayed at a young age, female dogs and cats experience a greatly reduced chance of mammary or breast tumors as they age.
  • Spaying a female dog or cat removes the possibility of deadly uterine infections known as pyometras.
Hospitals such as BlueCross at Mundhwa do these operations at minimum costs and also use advanced technology which does not require any kind of post care as it was needed earlier in traditional neutering and spaying. A hardly 20 mins operation and needs no post care accept oral medication for five days to enhance the healing process, as they use  stitches which get absorbed by the body within 2-3 days. Even the top vets in Pune are following this method to reduce the pain and suffering of the pets post operation. After Spaying a female is as good as a male though more docile and affectionate.
Males are more prone to marking and aggressive behavior, but neutering can greatly reduce these behaviors. Males also have a reputation for humping people, objects, and other dogs. Most of the time this is a show of dominance that can be corrected with training; however, neutering will help eliminate this behavior as well. Un-neutered males have tendency to roam if there is a female in heat nearby.
Choosing between a male or female dog is really just a matter of preference but it is necessary to educate people about the pros and cons on both males and females.  Generalizations can be made about each, but like humans, every animal is different. They all have their own personalities, and while some exhibit typical behaviors, others do not. Choose the animal that is right for you and not based on narrow-minded opinions and judgments about females, but be ready to invest the time in training it to ensure a good relationship with your pet.  

Come forward and shed all those inhibitions about males or females and go ahead adopting the pet you really want to have and not limit yourself to just males!!!!

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